12 Dec 2019
December 12, 2019

Access equipment with a difference

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AV Birch design and install a range of access equipment, platforms, walkways and gantries. Sometimes, we take on more unusual projects, but we always rise to the challenge.

One of the best things about life at AV Birch is the variety of work we complete. We do a great job for our customers, whether it’s timber engineering machinery, access equipment, hydraulics or lifting gear.

When they want something a little different, a bespoke job to complete other projects, they also come to us. The same happens with referrals. Because we design, fabricate, test and build onsite, customers know we’ll develop the right solutions for their businesses.

We control the process from start to finish so that our customers know exactly where they stand.

Out of bounds areas

We all use shopping centres these days. They are convenient, easy to access and offer a wide range of shops under one roof.

This is great for the public, but maintenance teams require full access to all areas so that they can keep such facilities running smoothly. Ventilation systems, access to roof space, safety barriers to enable cleaning teams to reach awkward spaces.

Crucially, these teams must be able to work safely.

AV Birch enjoys these challenges. Completely bespoke, unique solutions for each building and situation. It could be the right platform to complete window cleaning, or fixed steps and ladders to reach ventilation and air conditioning units.

Often unseen, this equipment is vital to keep systems running.

Security fencing for multiple purposes

Next to most shopping malls, and as part of every town centre retail area, you find car parks. When they are elevated, one storey higher and more, you need to keep the public and staff safe.

That means barriers and fencing to keep people away from potentially hazardous ledges, and also keep unwanted intruders out.

Boundary walls and multi-storey car park levels are all different. They wrap around buildings and flow in and out of access roads. Safety equipment must be designed to fit exact locations – often to the millimetre.

AV Birch boasts a design team that can achieve these targets so that fabricated equipment can be assembled and installed – right first time.

Public space and municipal buildings

Sometimes, even low-level surfaces need protection and safety equipment. Take council-run facilities, or private premises that offer easy-to-access ramps.

It only takes one slip, a tiny error of judgement, and injury can occur. That’s why AV Birch produces barriers and screens to satisfy any requirement.

Often, where formal and civic building are involved, the look and feel of materials needs to be different. An industrial finish isn’t the right solution.

We integrate glass, metals, plastic and wood where appropriate to deliver the right solution for customers – large or small.

For information about AV Birch’s access equipment, barriers, walkways and gantries, call 01746 714418 or email enq@avbirchengineering.co.uk