Carriage roof access

Carriage Roof Access

Carriage Roof Access

All maintenance depots have a range of activities to carry out on the carriage roof, this can range from simple decal cleaning to pantograph and AHU maintenance or replace. With the high level of regulation required for any working at height, this presents a number of issues relating to the management of these works. The rolling roof access platforms provide an excellent solution to these issues.

The Rolling Roof Access Gantry offers the following:

  • Safe routine Inspections.
  • Pantograph access & Maintenance.
  • Maintenance and removal of Air Handling Units.
  • Large areas accessible on carriage roof for major repair work.
  • Access with the need to walk on carriage roof.
  • Adaptability to suit all depot environments.
  • Robust construction to withstand the rigours of a maintenance depot.
  • Manufactured from Aluminium with alternatives such as Carbon Steel & non-conductive GRP being available.

AV Access Ltd have previously provided a wide variety of carriage roof access systems. Historically the most popular of these has been the folding roof guardrail system. The folding roof guardrail provides a safe enclosed area on the carriage roof.

Draw bridge platforms are used to infill the gap between the access tower and the roof of the carriage. Easily assembled and operated by two men the folding roof guardrail system offers an inexpensive solution to carriage roof access.

Folding Roof Guardrail on Access Tower

Dependent upon the Depots configuration and requirements alternative access can be obtained by a Suspended Walkway, mast boom or scissor lift with modified  slide out deck to allow access onto the carriage roof.