Modular Access Staging for Train Maintenance

Modular Access Staging

Modular Access Staging

AV Access Ltd have developed a generic range of high quality Modular Access Staging for train maintenance, which can be modified to suit particular train sets and the requirements of the individual train care centre. (A range of these systems is illustrated below and is being enlarged as we are requested to provide solutions to specific new access problems.)


Rail maintenance depots, Traincare centres and build works have many specific activities to carry out on the carriage exterior and work inside the carriages. Traditionally this has required an array of different types of platforms and steps each designed for a specific purpose. This usually causes storage issues, budget issues and quantity issues.

AV Access have looked at these problems and developed a modular staging system which we believe enables all areas of the carriage to be accessed safely and quickly with modules which can perform various tasks.


The two main existing methods of providing access to rail carriages are either specifically fabricated platform and steps for a certain task, or using mobile tower type (demountable) platforms.

Modular staging system

Modular staging system

The modular staging offers significant advantages over both these methods, these include:

  • Greater utilisation of access equipment
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved access to all areas of the carriages
  • Increased safety of staff
  • Removes the requirement for 7 day statutory inspections of all scaffold or mobile tower type platforms
  • Risk reduction
  • Improved compliance with the Working at Height regulations.


We sell you less equipment.