18 Oct 2019
October 18, 2019

Rail depot specialists

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Having the right equipment at rail depots means trains are maintained efficiently, vehicles are fit for passenger service and maintenance technicians can work in safety. AV Birch offers bespoke solutions to help operators achieve this.

Railways offer so many benefits. Fast, efficient travel across long distances. A greener alternative to cars. Plus comfortable travelling conditions that offer great leisure and professional services on board.

That’s only possible when the rolling stock is properly maintained. Trains are busier than ever and the many parts and machinery involved are pushed to the limit – inside and out.

AV Birch works with train operating companies across the UK and Europe. We offer bespoke solutions to help the skilled depot staff complete complex maintenance tasks that keep services running.

We create a vast range of maintenance platforms and walkways that enable maintenance teams to safely access all areas of the trains. Deadlines can be met, costs kept down and staff work in comfort and safety.

We are part of the supply chain that keeps the network moving.

Specialist maintenance equipment

It’s not just about ladders, steps and platforms. They are all essential to access hard-to-reach components, awkward panels and dangerous equipment high up on carriage roof tops.

However, working on rail vehicles presents a whole range of challenges if maintenance teams are to complete scheduled and emergency works on time and on budget.

AV Birch utilises the vast experience from its technical divisions to design, build and install machinery and equipment that compliments the skilled people working within depots.

For example, we create door barriers that stop unauthorised access or accidental falls when carriage doors have been left open – either deliberately or in error.

When mechanisms are being repaired it is often necessary to leave train doors in the open position. If the carriage has been elevated to allow other works, the doorway could be raised well above floor level.

Also, during the summer months, maintenance teams might leave doors open to ventilate the workspace. Whether this is authorised or not, there is a health and safety issue. AV Birch barriers are custom built, flexible, mobile and quickly put in place to keep staff safe.

Lifting and handling in depots

What sets AV Birch apart is the range of skills it can call upon. Rail depot access equipment is also supported with bespoke lifting and handling machinery.

Because our divisions work closely together, this means that complete solutions can be provided.

We have done this with Bombardier, London Underground, Alstom and directly with many of the key train operators.

Our engineering, hydraulics and lifting divisions combine to manufacture innovative machinery than moves wheel sets, engines and overhead power units. This improves safety, boosts productivity and ensures consistent levels of quality. There is less damage and greater protection for the people operating the moving parts.

The bogie manipulators, for example, developed by AV Birch in partnership with our customers, enable rail depots to lift and rotate through 360 degrees, with loads of up to 10 tonnes.

If your depot has challenges that require new solutions, please get in touch. Call David Tilsley-Curtis on 07866 495 827 or email david@avbirch.co.uk to arrange an informal chat about what we can offer your organisation.